The Entra Escrow Services Team

Experienced in all phases of escrow processing.

Gayle Reece

Escrow Manager
  • Escrow
  • Closing
  • Administration

Over the course of her 20-year career, Gayle has participated in every escrow role, including Escrow Officer and Escrow Manager. Gayle has a keen understanding of the functions and expertise required in real estate escrows, having addressed and managed the many issues and nuances that may occur in an escrow transaction.

Gayle empathizes with the stakeholders in a real estate transaction and has fostered enduring relationships with real estate agents, brokers, loan officers, buyers, sellers, and others involved in the process. She has earned her reputation for diligence and efficiency working in escrow operations in several Southern California counties, involving properties throughout the Western U.S.

June Kim

Senior Escrow Officer
  • Escrow
  • Closing

Over her 17-year career in escrow, June has built a reputation for being proactive. “Every escrow is an opportunity to be an extension of a real estate business,” she says. To ensure a smooth and seamless close on all escrows, her proactive approach keeps her ahead of any potential issues that may arise.

June has worked at title companies, broker-owned escrows and independent escrows. She began her career working at an independent escrow company while completing a Bachelors of Arts in Communications (Advertising) at Cal State Fullerton. In her spare time she volunteers at local charity groups such as CHOC and Olive Crest.

Brian Sindell

Vice President
  • Escrow
  • Title
  • Asset Management

A Vice President of BSI Financial Services, Brian is also responsible for the business operations of Entra Escrow Services and Entra Asset Management.